3 steps to keep your car looking brand new

By March 29, 2015AUTO INSURANCE
Brand new Car

A car is a large financial investment that should be protected by keeping the car in good condition. This will help the vehicle last for many years and will increase the resale value when the day comes to sell it. Many people assume a new car doesn't need anything done to it. Wrong! Keep in mind the following three easy steps to keep your car looking brand new.

Step 1: Wash and Wax Regularly

Protect your car from harsh environmental elements. Although a new car may have a clearcoat paint layer don't assume that it’s protective enough. The clearcoat layer is actually a tough clear paint that adds depth to the shine of your paint color, but doesn't add much benefit in protection. In fact, the clearcoat needs to be protected. Therefore you should wax your car at least every six months. Use a quality wax. Be sure to wash grime and road salt off of the car prior to applying the wax. This will prevent premature aging of your car.

Step 2: Protect the Interior

Protecting the interior is equally important. UV rays will fade and degrade the plastic and vinyl inside your car. Attempt to park in the shade as frequently as possible. Use a window deflector screen in your windshield when you must park in the sun.

Also consider purchasing protective floor mats. Plastic or rubber mats are easily removed, hosed and replaced. This is much easier than trying to get mud out of the car flooring. If you have children, also consider protecting the upholstery. Children are known for spills, which may stain the seats. In addition, car seats block the sunlight so some of your seat will not see any UV rays and other areas will be faded by the sunlight. This will be obvious when you take the car seat out. Using a blanket or other covering to protect the upholstery will prevent both stains and uneven fading.

Step 3: Install a Trash Can

One thing every car should have is a trash can. Unfortunately, trash cans do not come standard with the vehicle. When you purchase a new car you should purchase a trash can. It can be an official automotive trash can or just a Tupperware container that you label “garbage”. All wrappers, receipts and food leftovers should be immediately placed in the trash can. Stains and smells are often caused by items left in a car that don't belong there. By containing these items in the trash can you will limit the likelihood of stains. In addition, get in the habit of emptying the trash can regularly to reduce the chance of unpleasant smells. Every time you get out of the car, remove items that don't belong and check to see if the trash can needs emptying.

Following the above three simple steps will help keep your car looking brand new for longer. Combine that with safe driving and you will be able to enjoy your car for years. When you are ready to get a new car, you will likely be able to sell your old car for a significant amount of money since it is in such good shape!

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