A Happy Camper Experience Relies on Camp Insurance

By August 7, 2017CAMP INSURANCE
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Most kids love summer camp and look forward to making new friends and renewing old acquaintances. It also provides campers the opportunity to explore the great outdoors while enjoying their favorite sports. If you are an owner, director or supervisor at a summer camp, the onus is on you – and your organization – regarding safety and security issues surrounding your guests. Ours is a country noted for its litigious mindset, so having adequate summer camp insurance in place is not only wise, it is essential.

Camp Cover Options

Three main levels of camp risk refer:

  • Background Checks Liability – The law requires camp owners to perform proper background checks on all persons working at the camp. This includes employees, counselors and volunteers.
  • Injury Risk Liability – Owners are at some risk of liability unless a signed off waiver is in place – sports with physical contact are particularly risky without a waiver.
  • Site Liability: It is the camp owners’ responsibility to screen all activities and inspect facilities to minimize the risk of camper injuries.

Fun in the Sun

While summer camps are generally outings of pleasure, there are attendant risks. These take the form of injuries to campers, negligence and even employee misconduct. Having affordable summer camp insurance in place goes a long way toward protecting your operation from most of the liability issues it faces, such as the cost of accidental injuries that can happen to guests or employees/associates. Your camp may also be your business, so make sure you cover the risks associated with the business operations of the camp as well.

Protection in Most Situations

When choosing camp insurance, be sure to select a package that provides adequate general liability cover, in addition to specific liabilities reviewed above. Medical cover, property damage, business interruption and workers compensation should all be included under camp insurance cover too.

What Constitutes General Coverage

A key component of your camp coverage is a general liability policy. The policy provides protection in the following risk categories:

  • Medical Payments Cover – This pays the medical expenses of persons injured on your property with the exception of camp guests. They should have their own private medical cover in place.
  • Bodily Injury – Covers you in the event of persons sustaining injuries on your premises or occurring from the normal operation of your camp. In the case of the latter, it covers your medical treatment costs, and pain and suffering in the event you are legally responsible.
  • Property Liability – Covers damage caused to your property by any person – this includes you, employees or camp operators.

Camp Insurance Provides Peace of Mind

Good summer camp insurance provides you the peace of mind you need to relax all summer long. A chat with an independent agent in your area will get you moving in the right direction. Regard it as money well spent because that is what you will discover if an incident beyond your control happens. Rather be safe than sorry!

Time to send the kids off to summer camp!

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