How to avoid SR-22 status

By March 29, 2015AUTO INSURANCE
Traffic Ticket

SR-22 insurance is required of many high risk drivers to prove that they have coverage. But if you find yourself in this situation, the first thing you’re likely to notice is the very high price tag of this coverage. Apart from doing your part to create a safe driving atmosphere for you and other drivers, safe driving is also important in order to avoid the need for SR-22 insurance.

What are some of the ways you can avoid SR-22 status?

  • Follow the law: Speed limits, street signs, traffic lights and other street laws and regulation are all in place for a reason: to keep everyone safe. Always strive to follow the rules of the road and stay alert to potential dangers while driving. Multiple tickets, traffic violations and/or accidents on your record can result in SR-22 status, which leads to much higher auto insurance premiums.
  • Don’t drive drunk: Getting behind the wheel after drinking is not only extremely dangerous, but it can also lead to a DUI/DWI charge, which is the most common reason for SR-22 status. Always appoint a designated driver or call a cab; driving drunk is not worth the risk or the years of paying high SR-22 insurance premiums.
  • Maintain auto insurance: All drivers are required to carry auto insurance. If you get pulled over and aren’t insured, you may then have to file for SR-22 status because of your coverage gap. Auto insurance may not be a cost that you want, but it’s certainly much less of an expense than SR-22 insurance.

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