5 Reasons to Buy Motorcycle Insurance from a Local Broker Agent

Motorcycle Insurance

Riding a motorcycle is a passion that required an important investment from its owner. He takes good care of it, shines the chrome before proudly hitting the road. When riding, it makes perfect sense to do it with the coverage both owner and vehicle deserve. Buying motorcycle insurance can be a daunting search, navigating through offers and finding the perfect fit. A local broker is the best agent to talk to.

1. Motorcycle Insurance : Keeping it local makes it trustworthy

If you talk to the broker in town, you receive the benefits of a personal relationship rather than dealing with a name with no face. A local agent also knows the community and is likely to better understand your needs.

2. Consolidate all in one place

Chances are you’ve insured another vehicle, or your house with a local agent. It sounds more practical to keep your policies with the same insurance broker. He may be able to add your motorcycle to an existing policy and save you on insurance cost, should it prove the best way to go.

3. Receive proper advice

There are hundreds of insurance companies out there, not all of them treating motorcycle insurance kindly. With access to so many insurers, your local agent will find the ones that are best at it and will advise you on a policy that fits you best.

4. Get the coverage you need

When you deal with an agent in your neighborhood, chances are he will spend all the time needed to explore options and possibilities. To protect that investment of yours, he can read the fine print and tell whether paint, chrome, leather is covered by the policy or not.

5. Be covered for extras

An independent insurance broker can propose extras that you didn’t think of. Because he knows the area, he may to insure more than the motorcycle: roadside assistance, safety apparel coverage, trip interruption…

Hotwire Insurance Services, a full-service independent agency, works for you and not insurance companies. They address all your needs and tailor a custom insurance solution. Hotwire Insurance Services local agents can answer all your insurance requests. With no brokers’ fee, you can save extra towards the purchase of the ATV you dream of. They will find insurance coverage for it too.

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