What You Need to Know about Yoga Instructor Insurance

Yoga instructor insurance

Do you need yoga instructor insurance? As a yoga instructor, you are a into well being and fitness and it’s the only thing that should matter, right? You have one of the most gratifying jobs in the world, making people feel and look good. But you wonder if you should get a Yoga instructor insurance policy. If you work at a yoga studio, it’s probable that they already have a policy covering their studio and clients to some extent but it doesn’t replace having your own.

What exactly do you need to know about Yoga Instructor insurance ?

What is Yoga instructor liability?
Yoga instructor insurance is basically Professional Liability insurance created for Healing art and Mind-Body professionals. General Liability Yoga instructor insurance covers trip and fall, bodily injuries and even slander.

The main and most important reason to buy yoga instructor insurance is the protection against lawsuits. Whether you teach from your home, a client’s home or a yoga studio, you need to be protected from claims regarding accidents and incidents. If a student slips or hurts himself during a session you could be in real trouble if you are not covered.

Other advantages of Yoga Instructor insurance:

Your Fitness and Wellness Liability policy will cover you no matter where you are and to whom you are teaching. You can even be covered if you go abroad for a seminar or under a contract for a certain period of time. You can negociate your plan depending on the number of hours you work, if it’s part time or full time. All you have to do is review the policy when you increase or decrease the number of training sessions.

Because you cannot be covered after the fact, you need to have a Policy prior to the incident. As for other trainers, lawsuits are uncommon but it doesn’t mean they cannot happen, have never happened or never will.
The investment in yoga instructor insurance ahead of time is well worth it because it can help secure your career and financial future.

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