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As a business owner, you need the same insurance coverage for your commercial vehicle as you do for your personal car. Hotwire Insurance Services will find the best and cheapest commercial auto insurance.

Commercial insurance can save an average of $1500 per year as low as $115 a year no broker fees.

Keep your business up and running. Hotwire Insurance Services covers your vehicles and their drivers.

Many business owners drive the same vehicle for personal and commercial use. It is important to know that a personal auto insurance is not sufficient when the vehicle is in a collision or if damage occurs to the freight it carries, or if a person is injured while it was used for commercial purpose.

Based on the type of business you operate, the kind of driving you do, whether your employees are driving your commercial vehicle or their own for business purposes, we’ll determine with you the commercial auto insurance that best fits your needs and your budget

Cheap commercial auto insurance at a glance.

    • Physical damage insurance: includes collision and comprehensive coverage.
    • Liability insurance: includes bodily injury, property damage, uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist.
    • Other coverage: includes medical payments, towing, labor, rental, loan or lease gap coverage.

Great protection and savings. Contact us for your insurance quotes in San Diego and Chula Vista