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One might think “why would an Insurance Agent contact another one, much less an Insurance Broker, in order to buy E&O Insurance?” If you are a seasoned insurance agent, you may have had an E&O Insurance policy for the past few years and have noticed the increase in your premiums.
A survey conducted by the Insurance Journal showed that E&O premiums have been increasing and the result is that about 25% of Insurance Agents shop around in search for lower premiums.

14% of the driving population is insured.

  25,227,500 people

Insurance is your business? So is ours with errors and omissions insurance for insurance agents.

One may ask why would an insurance Agent need E and O Insurance? For the exact same reason any other business does or should: as a professional, you provide a service for a fee, therefore there is the risk of E&O exposure and you need to be covered against claims

There is no standard E&O policy. That is why at Hotwire, as insurance brokers, we can choose from several different Insurance Companies and offer you the best option, tailored for yourself and your Insurance Agency. The best way for your business to grow is to be protected, and an Insurance Agent E&O policy is the best way to cover yourself, your business and your reputation.

Professionals advise that you ask yourself these simple questions

What is the extended reporting-period option in case the agency is considering buying or selling an agency.

Is the Agency covered by what it does and are there coverages that you are selling that are not covered by your own Insurance Agent E&O policy?

Trust an Insurance Broker to protect you. E&O for less.

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