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Commercial car insurance is not appropriate for trucking operators. Hotwire Insurance Services assists business owners in finding the best commercial truck insurance so their livelihood is never in jeopardy.

In addition to protecting the cargo that they carry, truckers must consider the massive physical damage that can be caused by their vehicles, the potential environmental issues an accident could cause, and the expensive cost to repair damages.

Trucking insurance can save an average of $2000 per year as low as $39 to start no broker fees.

Owner Operator Truck Insurance

The trucking business is by no means a walk (or drive) in the park. Truck owners and operators face risks that can cost a lot of money, be it material or physical damage. Coverage options vary depending on the type of vehicles, the typical cargo, and even the experience of the driver.

Commercial Truck Insurance 101

  • Liability Insurance: covers types of harm unintentionally inflicted on others and their property. This includes accidental damage to a delivery dock, to other drivers, vehicles, and pedestrians.
  • Cargo Insurance: covers reimbursement to a client for qualifying damages made to their cargo during transport.
  • Physical Damage Insurance: collision insurance and comprehensive insurance can cover various accidents and damages caused by theft, vandalism and fire.
  • Environmental Liability Insurance: special insurance that covers the cost of cleanup in case of toxic or polluting spills.
  • Bobtail Insurance: covers your truck when it is not operational.

Best Commercial Truck Insurance serving California and North Caolina

Types of Commercial Trucks We Insure

Agricultural truck – Cargo van – Catering truck – Cement mixer – Delivery van – Dump truck – Flatbed truck – Ice cream truck – Passenger van – Pickup truck -Refrigerated truck – Tank truck – Tow truck – Truck tractor and more…