Why Does Your State Require You To Get A SR-22 Certificate?

By March 29, 2015AUTO INSURANCE


Every driver needs auto insurance, but your driving habits will likely have an effect on what you’ll pay for coverage. Safe drivers who don’t get ticketed for traffic violations or more serious offenses generally receive the most favorable auto insurance rates. At the other end of the spectrum are high-risk drivers. If you get two or three speeding tickets in a month or are convicted of a DUI or DWI, you are likely to be categorized as high-risk by any insurance company. You will almost certainly have to pay a higher premium for even the state minimum required amount of coverage, but you may also be required to obtain a SR-22 certificate.

What Is A SR-22 Certificate?

A SR-22 is a document that is filed with the Department of Motor Vehicles by your auto insurance company and verifies that you have at least the minimum amount of state mandated coverage on your motor vehicle. If you have demonstrated high-risk driving tendencies and a court convicts you of a serious driving-related violation, you may be ordered to get a SR-22.

If such is the case, you will receive written notification informing you of the requirement. The notice will also explain the reason why the order was issued. Depending on your state’s auto insurance laws and the nature of the violation, you may be required to keep a SR-22 in place for anywhere from one to five years.

While the cost of filling out the form and receiving a SR-22 is only about $25, the infraction that forced you to get the official proof of insurance may cause a sizable hike in your car insurance premium. If you maintain a good driving record and don’t commit any more serious violations during the length of time you are required to have a SR-22, your car insurance rates may go down after the term expires.

Reasons You May Be Required To Get A SR-22

  • You get convicted of a DUI or DWI
  • You are guilty of driving recklessly or some other serious moving violation
  • You are convicted of driving without insurance
  • You get into an accident and do not have insurance
  • You want to have a suspended or revoked driver’s license reinstated

The state wants to make sure other drivers are protected while you are operating your vehicle. Any of the above actions or violations demonstrate a lack of respect for the law. Your irresponsible behavior may be penalized with higher insurance rates and by forcing you to carry proof that you are properly insured.

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