What trucking insurance do I need?

Trucking Insurance

If you are just getting ready to start a job in the trucking industry, you are wise to be asking what types of insurance you need. Since driving a truck in the trucking industry is different than driving your private vehicle, you will need more personal insurance. While a company might provide some insurance, these are the types of insurance you personally need. Check to be sure what a company provides and what you must provide.

Here are the main ones you should investigate:

Commercial Auto Liability: If you get in an accident, this insurance will provide coverage for any bodily injury or property damage to other people or their property. While the name of this says "auto," that means a commercial bus, tractor trailer, van or any public vehicle carrying passengers or cargo.

Physical Damage Coverage: If you get an in accident, odds are your truck will be damaged. This insurance will provide coverage for that damage. This coverage includes theft of your vehicle, vandalism or fire. What is great is that this coverage is continuous, 24-hour protection, since there are times you park your vehicle and sleep.

Cargo Insurance: If you are an independent trucker, this is key for you. You want to be sure the cargo is insured in case of theft, damage etc.

Occupational Accident Insurance: If you are in an accident, you might be laid off. If you can't work, you won't have income. This insurance pays benefits for accidental death or dismemberment, accident-related medical expenses and disability. If you are an independent trucker, this is a key insurance to ask about.

Now it’s time to talk with an independent insurance agent and make sure you are covered.

Stay road safe. Call Hotwire Insurance at (858) 277-2719 for more information on San Diego trucking insurance.

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