Why is it better to use a Broker Insurance Company ?

By January 13, 2016INSURANCE BROKER
Broker Insurance Company

We may believe that dealing directly with insurance companies is a better approach. Surely, if they don’t have to remunerate an agent (broker), the benefit is all ours. That is not necessarily true. Furthermore, an insurance broker offers many services the insurance company doesn’t.

Broker Insurance Company : The gift of time

If you’re shopping for insurance, you can spend the day calling, filling quote requests online, or leave messages and hope for a callback. The better option is to let the insurance agent operate its magic and consult hundreds of companies and match you with the insurer that best fits your requirements. Since one insurance company is not always the best for all your needs (house, business, vehicle, etc.), you can choose to deal with all of them, or have one trusted agent work for you.

The gifts of advice and advocacy

Brokers are agents licensed by the state. They are trained professionals who can advise you on coverage and state requirements, and navigate the complexity of policies and fine print of the contracts. Should you need to make a claim, your insurance agent responds quickly and ensures you get paid fairly and promptly.

The gifts of protection

Insurance is protection itself, one might say. But if you decided to go solo, be aware that the decisions you made were yours only. Without enough knowledge of insurance law, you may have missed something that proves costly. The broker insurance company is bearing the legal responsibility of the insurance they sell you, this providing you with an extra layer of protection in case of an error.

Hotwire Insurance Services, a full-service independent agency, works for you and not insurance companies. They address all your needs and tailor a custom insurance solution. Hotwire Insurance Services licensed agents can answer all your insurance requests. And with no broker’s fee, they offer you the gift of extra savings.

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