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Real estate transactions have become increasingly complex and society has become increasingly litigious. As a real estate agent, you don’t want to face the risk of spending your revenue in lawsuit costs.
As a service provider, Hotwire Insurance understands better than anyone the importance of Real Estate errors and omissions coverage. With no standard E&O policy readily available, we will help you find one that protects you and your business.

14% of the driving population is insured.

  25,227,500 people

Your business is real estate. Hotwire’s business is Real Estate Errors and Omissions

Despite all your expertise, your experience and your diligence as a professional, Real Estate Errors and Omissions insurance is a necessity to protect yourself in case something goes wrong during a transaction. E&O insurance is a type of Professional Liability Insurance for businesses that provide a service for a fee, against claims for negligence, mistakes (or alleged negligence and mistakes) on your part.
Contract errors, incomplete disclosure, errors in zoning or in comparative market reports, inaccurate appraisal, title issues or bank mortgage errors are just a few of the claims than can occur. Your risk management plan may not be enough to protect you at every level of a deal.
real estate agent errors and omissions insurance
real estate E&O Insurance

With Real Estate Errors and Omissions Insurance you can cover

  • Lawyers fees
  • Court administrative costs
  • Settlements
  • Punitive damages
  • Third-party discrimination
  • Personal injury offenses
Because there is no standard E&O Policy, each company writes its own and the terms may greatly vary: the risks themselves may not all be listed; the liability limit, the deductibles, the coverage may differ.

Are you a real estate agent in San Diego or Chula Vista? Don’t put your business at risk.

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