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Don’t think your business is too small for cyber liability insurance. The world has gone virtual and Hotwire Insurance is determined to help you protect your business from hackers, wherever they are. 46 out of 50 states have mandatory notification of breaches. Which is to say that they impose a regulation in the event your company has suffered data breach AFTER the hack occurred. For many, it’s too late; the damage to reputation is costly, and so is alerting all those users. If you are in a field where you collect data (even as simple as email addresses), personal information and/or payment details, don’t delay getting cyber liability coverage.

85% of targets are small businesses

 Cyber crime targets

Attacks hurt less with Cyber Liability Insurance.

The cost of cyber attacks can quickly cripple a small business. It takes time to recover thousands of dollars worth of expenses when you need to keep running a company and take care of employees.

cyber liability insurance
cyber liability insurance

What cyber risk insurance coverage should you get?

  • Data loss & system damage
  • Loss of revenue
  • Notification expenses
  • Crisis management
  • Content liability
  • Regulatory investigation expenses

One of the best Cyber Insurance companies. We protect San Diego and Chula Vista against cyber crime costs.

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