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Serving Arizona, California, North Carolina, Texas

It is wise to carry a boat insurance for optimum personal and material protection. Even on land, your boat needs coverage. Hotwire Insurance Services helps you determine your needs and will find a cheap boat insurance.

You’ll enjoy the water even more if you’re not worried about your safety and that of your passengers, not to mention protecting your investment.

If you’re in an accident or your watercraft is stolen, it costs money; if you or passengers are injured in an accident involving your boat, it costs money; if your watercraft is responsible for damage or injury to others, a lawsuit costs money…

Boat insurance average $300 per year as little as $100 per year with on water towing no broker fees.

 Hotwire Insurance cheap boat insurance helps you keep your finances afloat.

Our cheap boat insurance is all bout making sure your finances don’t take a hit if a water outing ever goes wrong. Policies can cover damages and theft, medical expenses, emergency towing and year-round protection. Your home and auto insurance policies may provide limited coverage for your watercraft, but consider that your investment may need more protection.

Cheapest Boat Insurance
Cheapest Boat Insurance

Boat insurance policy overview

Always talk to your insurance broker for a coverage that best fits your needs. A cheap boat insurance shouldn’t mean less protection than what you need.

  • Liability limits start at $15,000 and can be increased up to $300,000.
  • Typical deductible for property damage: $250.
  • Typical deductible for theft: $500.
  • Typical deductible for medical expenses: $1,000.
  • Additional coverage: trailers and accessories.

Ready for boating season? Request a boat insurance quote for San Diego, Chula Vista and beyond.

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