The 5 Most Helpful Driving Apps

By November 4, 2016AUTO INSURANCE

In a world with so many apps to make life easier, it doesn’t hurt to use driving apps to make transit more convenient too. Apps for drivers can be simple trackers that help to clarify information on the dash or give directions, or they might be helpful in navigating the world around you with maps, gas stations, and parking spaces. If you spend a lot of time behind the wheel (be honest; that’s most of us) check out these 5 great apps.

Smart Driving with GoPoint: Drive More Efficiently

If you’ve spent a considerable amount of time driving, you’ve probably also wondered how efficient a driver you are in terms of things like gas mileage. GoPoint, available for iOS and Android, is the epitome of smart driving. It tracks stats, including but not limited to CO2 emissions, gas fill-ups, rate of acceleration in order to determine how efficiently you drive. Use GoPoint to make the most of your fuel and minimize emissions.

Get the Best Deals on Gas with Gasbuddy

With gas prices constantly fluctuating, it’s hard to find the best deal for a refuel. When every gallon ( and every cent, for that matter) counts, it helps to have options. This is what makes Gasbuddy one of the best driving apps. Gasbuddy allows users to find the cheapest gas stations in their area by zip code or city name. The best part? It’s user powered, so app users can send in the prices they find (and have a chance to get a prize for doing so) and keep the data updated in real time.

Find Parking Spaces with Parkopedia

It can be tough to find a parking space, especially in busy urban areas. That’s where Parkopedia comes in. It allows you to search and track parking spaces with filtering options such as paid or free, and can even provide directions to the parking space from your current location. If you find a spot that’s not listed on Parkopedia, you can even upload it to the system!

Driving Apps for Navigation: Waze and RoadTrippers

Waze is one of those apps for drivers who find themselves stuck in traffic a little too often. With realtime updates, it allows drivers to quickly find alternative routes to their destinations. Like a number of other smart driving apps on this list, Waze is community powered (and Google run), which results in local, up-to-date alerts on traffic, police presence, and accidents on your commute.

In a sense, Roadtrippers picks up where Waze leaves off. Whereas Waze is to drive from A to B on a daily basis, Roadtrippers, is a smart driving app for extended road trips. It features not only the best routes, but also hotels (with ratings) and points of interest along the way. If you’re looking for a place to eat, a campground, or even a great view, chances are Roadtrippers can help you find it. Additionally, it can estimate how much you’ll have to spend on gas for any given trip.

Driving apps consolidate and streamline a lot of the complicated tools of previous generations – maps and atlases, vehicle manuals, for example… More than that, they provide us with information we never had access to until now – real time traffic and gas prices, restaurant and venue reviews, and so much more. Whether you’re going down the street or across the country, these apps can help you make it the most efficient and enjoyable trip. They can also keep you safe and more aware of the road ahead of you. For all your auto insurance needs, Hotwire Insurance Services can help.

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