Cheap Boat Insurance: Coverage Without Compromise

By August 10, 2016BOAT INSURANCE

Cheap boat insurance can help keep boat ownership costs down- an important detail when you factor how much money already goes into the maintenance of your craft. There’s no doubt that it’s important to get covered, but how much coverage do you really need? What is enough, and what is too much? And where can you get what you need without overpaying for it? Well captain, navigate this article well, and perhaps you’ll sail a little bit closer to the shores of resolved concerns.

Boat Insurance and You: Know Where You Float

As you know, boat insurance covers you in the event that something happens to your boat. Here, boat refers to anything with a motor that you put in the water- it typically doesn’t refer to non motored sailing craft, so be careful with your kayak. What you may not know, however, is that some homeowner’s insurance policies can provide partial coverage to your watercraft. It’s important to check with your insurance agency and see what’s covered, and if you can bundle up on your coverage, so much the better.

Boat Insurance and Your Boat: (Not Just) Any Port in a Storm

Typically, boat insurance covers collision damage to your boat, the damage your boat does to other boats, and injuries to various persons, physical or otherwise. A comprehensive package may generally include these, as well as any form of incident that harms your watercraft, including the clean up of wreckage in the worst case scenario. The comprehensive package will cover all your bases.

Cheap Boat Insurance: Making it Happen

When it comes to cheap boat insurance, the name of the game is ‘discount’. There are all manner of discounts available, depending on when and how often you use your boat, where you use your boat, and whether you’ve taken boating safety courses or not. These factors can really end up saving you a lot of money in the long run without sacrificing coverage options.

When navigating the seas in search of the best deals on cheap boat insurance, knowledge is most definitely power. Learn what your policy will and won’t cover, and study up on all of the discounts you can find. Don’t compromise your treasure and trust your fate to the cold, unforgiving sea- get your boat insured, and keep it that way.

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