How a DUI/DWI affects your auto insurance

By March 29, 2015AUTO INSURANCE

You’ve heard it before—drinking and driving is extremely dangerous. We’re not here to preach morals to you, but we will explain the consequences of the choices you make. If you get caught driving drunk, you could get convicted of a DUI or DWI, depending on the varying laws from state to state. Generally speaking, this could happen in any state if you measure a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent.

What exactly does a DUI/DWI mean for you? If you’re lucky, it’ll just mean certain expenses like fines and/or increased auto insurance rates; more severe consequences could include a suspension of your license and/or jail time, depending on the offense. However severe the offense, it will stay on your record for a minimum of three years, which can affect your ability to obtain credit, rent an apartment, apply for a mortgage, find a job or even adopt a child.

Even more, the state may require you to file for SR-22 auto insurance, which serves as proof of coverage. With SR-22 status, your auto insurance rates will significantly increase for period of time determined by the state in which you must maintain this pricier coverage. The price hike is because of the higher risk of insuring a driver with a DUI/DWI on record.

Once you’ve fulfilled your SR-22 obligations and the status is removed from your record, you may once again be eligible for normal auto insurance rates. Want more information? Your independent insurance agent can answer your questions and assist you in the process of filing for SR-22 coverage.

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