Should your business install security cameras?


New technological advances have not only enhanced your computers, but they’ve also improved security measures for both homes and businesses. Security cameras have been a preferred method of business security for years, but recent improvements have made this an even stronger option as of late.

Most notably, new cameras with cutting-edge features can connect directly to your smartphone or tablet. If any suspicious activity is detected, you can be alerted via a surveillance app. For instance, if a camera detects movement overnight while the building is empty — either from a potential thief, a raging fire or some other event — you can receive an alert. Once prompted, you can pull up a live feed within the app to check out the source of the disturbance.

Knowing what’s going on as soon as possible gives you a chance to alert the authorities while there’s still time to solve the issue. Faster notice gives the police a better chance of catching a thief and recovering the stolen property, or firefighters a better chance of putting out a fire before it consumes the whole building.

Apart from new, enhanced features, a security camera’s main purpose is to record things. This often comes in handy if your business does suffer a loss. Having video evidence of the damages can help streamline the insurance claims process, helping you get the right payout in a timely manner.

Installing security cameras does require an initial investment, but this upfront capital helps give you peace of mind. The money spent on purchasing the equipment may very well end up being little more than a drop in the bucket when compared to the loss you may experience without the help of cameras. This includes both external threats and internal fraud.

Everything you do to boost the security of your business helps qualify you for lower business insurance premiums. Generally speaking, the lower your risk, the less you’re likely to pay for coverage. So if you’ve recently installed or upgraded your business’ security cameras, inform your insurance agent to see if it earns you a discount.

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